Sunday 1 August 2021

Kensington Gardens

Our first London outing was Kensington Gardens.
We headed off on Thursday to meet up with Kelly and the girls and have a picnic in the sun.
Noah wasn't with us, as he had gone off to work with my dad for the day.
My dad works in the Natural History Museum, so Noah was having a whole day of fun himself.

Bea had her first-ever train journey, and she enjoyed it much more than her usual car journeys, where she normally screams from the instant her bottom touches her car seat until the moment it leaves it.

After we had our little picnic the kids all ran around the pond and then fed the swans

Once everyone had finished their lunch and were done running around the pond and feeding the ducks, we headed off to the Princess Diana Memorial Park, I'd never been before but it has been on my bucket list of places to go.

It really did not disappoint. We had to queue up to get in but we weren't in it long, and the kids kept themselves entertained. Once we got closer to the entrance the girls showed the boys the fairy tree, they were all very impressed as was I!

When we got in, Kelly, my mum and I headed off to find a place to sit down and the kids all kicked off their shoes and ran off for an adventure.

For a day that was meant to be all rain, we got really lucky as it was beautiful and we all managed to catch a bit of a tan!

The park was amazing, the best park the boys have been to. They all loved pretending to be the lost boys from Peter Pan, as it was so hot kelly started a water fight, which resulted in all the kids being drenched to the skin! Obviously, none of them complained, and once our kids had started a lot more started their own water fights.

Unfortunately towards the end of the day, Oscar cut all the back of his leg up by falling off one of the pirate ships and Alex got punched by another child in the park. So we decided that we would head off on a walk and explore the rest of the gardens.

On the way out of the play park, we saw the carousel so cheer the boys up we let them all on it, it did the trick and everyone came off much happier and more willing to go and run around the rest of the gardens.

We went in search of some parakeets, as Kelly said they were really tame and would come and take bird feed out of your hands.

We did see some flying about but none came down for the seeds, so the kids all fed the millions of pigeons instead.

We at Kensington Gardens till at least six o'clock, so before we jumped back on the tube to head home we treated the kids to McDonald's dinners!
Definitely a winning end to a winning day!


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