Thursday 5 August 2021

Lazy Mornings with IDentity Lingerie

** All items were gifted, but thoughts are my own **

As a parent, you'll do anything for a lazy morning sipping coffee in bed, or just enjoying a rare moment of peace to read a book, when you can do either of those in beautiful sleepwear the moment gets even better.

Since I can remember I have always had a deep-down love for brand new pyjamas so when I was contacted by Diana from IDentity Lingerie to see if I wanted to try some of her beautifully designed sleepwear I almost tripped over myself replying. 

A little bit about IDentity Lingerie;
It is a family run business, 
Based in Lincolnshire,
Everything is ethically made,
They offer custom designs and sizes.

From Diana;
'We pride ourselves on producing high-quality handmade pieces and promoting a healthy body image across all our platforms. Because all our products are handcrafted and often made to offer this also allows us to reduce the negative environmental impact of mass production. 
Almost every single item we produce is sold or refurbished into a different product so we don't waste any unnecessary materials by making a ton of excess stock. 
We also aim at making products that are and will stay relevant and serve people for years to come instead of chasing the quickly changing fast fashion trends which are so harmful to our environment.'

Diana gave me free rein on the lingerie shop online and said I could pick anything that took my fancy.
There was so much to choose from, I really loved all of the underwear, but due to breastfeeding Bea none of them would have really worked for me, so I decided to check out what else was on offer.

There is a lovely range of ladies silk pyjama sets and beautiful dressing gowns to choose from, I loved everything, I picked a couple of items and told Diana I would be happy with any from the links I provided and to my surprise she sent both of them.

The gorgeous Japanese silk purple pyjama set is amazingly soft and luxurious and fits just perfectly. The button-down shirt is just perfect for nighttime feeds as I can just undo and pop Bea on. 
They wash really well, the first time wearing the set Bea decided it would be a good idea to spit upon them, thankfully a wash on a specialist silk wash had them looking good as new.
 I think most washing machines have a special option just for a silk/delicate wash.

I feel like a million pounds in them, they are so much nicer than my ten-year-old PJs that you can normally find me slumming in.
The boys all love them too, and they can't stop stroking them when I have them on!

These usually cost £100 but are currently on a 40% discount at £59.90

They're also available in black, blush pink, gold, navy, white, green.
In sizes S to XXL, custom sizes are also available.

Along with the beautiful pyjamas, I was sent this utterly amazing long burgundy paisley satin dressing gown.
I just can't get over how lovely it is. 
Beautiful design, super soft and 100% gorgeous.

Again another item I can feed easily in and something I wish I had for when I was in hospital as it would have been perfect for those first few days where I was stuck in bed.

I love putting this on once I've got out of the bath to chill out watching TV before bed, it's also great for those lazy weekend mornings lazing around the house.

I've never really had a dressing gown that I've loved before so after 35 years on earth, I've finally found the perfect one!

This design also comes in a short and a mid-length.
The gowns are available in sizes XS to XXL and again custom sizes are also available.

It usually RRPs for £120 but currently has 50% off and is selling for £59.90

If you're on the hunt for some new pyjamas I highly recommend treating yourself to some!
They not only look and feel nice but they give you that instant feel-good feeling.

I personally think they are worth the money, everything is handmade, made well and you'll be supporting a small family run business. 

During the Covid outbreak IDentity Lingerie starting making and selling facemasks, which are all still available to purchase. 
Even with the rules changing and facemask only being a personal requirement I still think it's good to find businesses that are still offering facemasks for sale as I for one still wear mine when out and about and I don't intend on stopping anytime soon.


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