Saturday 20 February 2016

Mummy Time || Mini Spa Break

My friend Jenny and I decided that for our 30ths we'd go away on a mini spa break.

Searching the Internet we found a great deal for a Spa break at the Ashford International!

£109 for one 50 minute treatment in the Spa. 
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Over night stay and full use of the leisure facilities.   

This would be the first time I've been away from the boys other than hospital stays!

From the moment we stepped inside the hotel we were impressed.
The decor was lovely and the staff were very friendly! 

We booked in early and headed to our room to unpack!

The Room::

I had a detox package - as part of that I got a detox smoothie. 

So Once we'd unpacked we headed off to the Quench Bar to collect my smoothie.

It had green tea, honey, lemon and cucumber. It was ok but I didn't manage to drink all of it.

Our Spa treatments were at 3 o'clock, so after chilling in our room for half an hour we donned our gowns and headed off to the relaxation room 

The Relaxation Room:: 

It was lovely and warm and very chilled.
The music and smells were enough to send you off to sleep.

My treatment consisted of an AMAZING back massage, a body mud pack and being wrapped up in a plastic sheet whilst I had my first ever head massage..... Pure Heaven!!!

Jenny and I both met outside the relaxation room and headed off to the pool area.

We used the steam room then had a nice swim in the lovely pool. 

I haven't been swimming properly for years. It really brought back my love for it and it's something I'm definitely going to start doing once a week.
After a good few laps we jumped into the jacuzzi before heading back to the room to get ready for dinner. 

We decided to have some pre dinner drinks, safe to say we entered the restaurant giggling with a rosey glow! 

For dinner I had a chicken dish followed by a white chocolate pudding!

It was very yummy and again the staff were great.

We were pretty tired so went to bed early. 
I woke the next day feeling refreshed and relaxed.

After breakfast we headed off to the steam room.
Before the clock hands had struck 10am we had been in the steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and done a good few lengths of the pool!

We had to check our of our room at 11am and had a pedicure booked for 12.
We had a coffee in the quench bar whilst we waited.

After we'd had our lovely pedicure & foot massage we went off to lunch which was a buffet.

We made full use of the hotel and enjoyed every moment of it!!!

We shall definitely be visiting again!! 

The boys had fun with Jon and I actually didn't miss them as much as I thought I would!
Getting away for a night is great for distressing and refreshing!
I came back home ready to parent on a whole new level!

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