Monday 1 February 2016

New campaign from Dettol || 'Get The World Ready'

Remember the day you brought your baby home for the first time?
That first trip out in the car?
All the things you have done to prepare your home for the arrival, such as cleaning every inch of the house? 

Nesting always set in around 6 months with me, every pregnancy I went mad with getting the house ready, making sure it was clean - getting down on my hands and knees scrubbing the skirting boards with an anti-bac wipes.
Then attacking the doors and then all the kitchen cupboards.

When pregnant with Ru my OCD cleaning really kicked off, even when the house was sparkling (with one year old twins and 6 yr. old that's pretty impossible but it was achieved.) I had organised all of Noah's books into height order and made his room all lovely -  I think my hard work lasted all of an hour. I don't think I can count how many times I re did Noah's room.
I knew I was going to have Ru in Noah's room so that was always on my hit list, I wanted his room clean and tidy for when Ru made his appearance.
Over due and grumpy the only thing that made me happy was cleaning the house.

The only babies I bought home from the hospital were the Twins, they were 7 weeks early and spent two weeks in ICU. Before we brought them home not only did I clean (when I was home from the hospital and not sat with them) Jon cleaned, my mum and my gran all did a clean up (our house wasn't ridiculously messy as it may sound, we just all got the nesting bug and were desperate to have the two tiny babies home safe and sound.

I don't think our house had ever gotten through so many Dettol anti-bac wipes.

Whilst our house was being attacked with the Dettol wipes, back at the hospital our hands were constantly being washed with our handy bottles of Dettol sanitizer.

I always had and still do have a pack of Dettol anti-bac wipes in my changing bag. They always come in handy when out at soft plays and your having to use the high chairs/ tables, I always feel better giving them a wipe over before we eat and just before we leave. The boys always make mess and I feel wrong if I just walk off without clearing it up.

Dettol have launch a new campaign and released some touching new videos which follow real mums  on a journey from pregnancy to nursery.

Enjoy x

Get the World Ready for a new arrival

Get the World Ready for bringing baby home

Get the World Ready for your little one  

No matter how clean your home is, it’s essential to take extra care when you’re preparing for the arrival of a new-born or have a toddler keen to explore.   Adopting these simple hygiene habits will ensure that your home is hygienically clean and safe for your little one:

Healthier Surfaces

·         Nurseries should be kept free of harmful germs, especially in the first few weeks.  Don’t forget it’s not just the changing mat and cot that can harbour germs but also frequently touched areas like the door handles and light switches.  Dettol Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser has no taint, no odour and no bleach and is suitable for use in baby contact areas.

Germ Free on the Go  

·         From that first night in the hospital to the first trip out,  keep car seats, highchairs and all your baby equipment germ free with Dettol Anti-bacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes which kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and are great for hard to reach surfaces and on the go.


·         Keeping your hands clean, before and after handling your little one, is really important to make sure germs don’t spread. If you’re feeding, changing, or perhaps handling food or pets, try our Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System. It automatically dispenses anti-bacterial Hand Wash, after you place your hands under the nozzle to help prevent the spread of germs.

Added Laundry Protection

·         It’s not just re-used baby clothes and bedding that can harbour germs, new ones can too! While washing at low temperatures is kind to baby’s clothes, it doesn’t offer protection against bacteria which can survive below 60˚C. Use our unique Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser alongside your normal detergent and softener to guarantee hygienic cleaning, even at temperatures as low as 15˚C.

Share your memories of getting the world ready for your baby #gettheworldready

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