Saturday 30 January 2016

Rupert The 'Head Banging' Bear.

As mothers are job is to worry.
We worry about everything, no matter how small it seems to other people we if its our baby we worry.
It doesn't matter if your a first time mum or a tenth time mum that worry never goes away!

Ru has always been a head banger.
He started very early, but lately it's become more violent and uncontrollable.

I had always tried to just think oh he'll stop soon, he'll grow out of it but he's nearly two and it only seems to be getting worse.

So I called the health visitor and she came round the next day, along with discussing his head banging I told her other things I was worried about...
He only says 'Dada' even I am called 'Dada'
(By the time a child's 2 they should know about 50 words!!!) 
He doesn't play with the boys,
He hits, he bites, he's a bit mean not just to his brothers but to me as well.
He shuts his eyes when people look at him or try to talk to him.
He's barely eating,
He hates change,
Some nights he decides sleep is for the weak.
He head bangs, on floors, walls, Windows, paths, trees, tables. Now he's started doing it on corners.
He does it so hard I can hear him from another room.
My tummy flips every time I hear that bang! 

It's feels more  than just your typical "terrible twos" stage.
I've been single mum during the "terrible twos", I've been a twin mum during the "terrible twos" I'm a bloody pro at handling the "terrible twos" stage.

I could go on and on but I won't.
We discussed everything and she booked him in for his 2yr check. 
She decided up do his measurements and weight seeing as she was there and because of his head banging she did his head circumference. Usually they don't do it after they've turned one but she felt better if she did.
Turns out his head was 3 centiles larger than his length. 
She told me not to worry and it's probably nothing but to make sure I take him to the doctors to see what they make of it and to get his hearing test re booked.

Jon took Ru to the doctors Thursday afternoon whilst I went to pick Noah up from school, we both expected him to be in and out, he was in there for about 20 minutes and the appointment ended up with Ru being referred to the hospital to have a head scan.

We should hear next week about when it's going to happen.

My worry 'o meter has gone right off the scale! 
I know he'll be fine but head scan just sounds scary and he'll have to be sedated.

You know when you over think things and just wish your mind would shut up?!

I wish my reasonable side would kick in and tell my dramatic side to take a chill pill. 

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