Sunday 10 January 2016

Last weeks meals ...

As you read last Monday we were giving HelloFresh a try.

We had great fun cooking and trying new things 4 out of 5 meals were fantastic!
The only reason I didn't like the 5th was Jon put a bit too much spice in it! 

My favourite meal of the week was - 
Aubergine 'Al Funghetto' with grilled butterflied chicken!

I love that there is no food wastage, you only get what you need. 
The recipe cards are easy to follow,
You know where it's all coming from as you get a card introducing the farmers.

Every night I was looking forward to dinner, my love for food had been rekindled.

Will we be carrying on with the boxes? 
Probably not forever but long enough so I get some new ideas for my own cooking and then I'll probably try to do it with out the boxes.


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