Sunday 3 January 2016

Glitter Jelly Boats

saw someone with Glitter Jelly on Instagram a few weeks ago and instantly the hunt was on.

I needed some of this pink amazingness in my life!!

As if jelly wasn't fantastic enough .... Glitter Jelly! I don't need to say anymore, I know you'll all agree it's bloody amazing! 

I hunted high and low and eventually found some in Morrisons.

So with my pack of pink dust I decided to make some Jelly Boats for the boys. 

To make you will need ::
3 big oranges
Hartley's Glitter Jelly
500ml Hot Water
A jug to mix the jelly in
A muffin tin to support the orange skins,

•Dig out the orange flesh and put aside to feed the wild ones later.
• Pour the Jelly mix into a jug and add 500ml of boiling water. 
• Stir until the jelly has dissolved.
• Pour Jelly Into the orange skins.
• Pop into the fridge.
• Leave to set for a good few hours, over night is better! 
• Once set, cut them into quarters and let the wild ones have a jelly feeding frenzy!

I tried to save a couple for myself and Jon but the beasties were'nt interested in sharing with us oldies!


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