Saturday 16 January 2016

Max & Nancy Hairydust!!

Natural & Organic Dry Shampoo for Children.

Ru has just gotten over ear influenza!

Who knew you could get influenza in the ear?!?

This ear infection has lasted well over a month and he's had two different types of antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops.
Getting his hair wet was a Nono and trying to pop some cotton wool in his ear like the Doctor suggested just wasn't happening - I put it in, he'd pulled it out, we did that little dance for a while and then I gave in, I clearly wasn't going to win that battle!

After a while his hair was starting to get to me, so I took to Twitter to see if dry shampoo for kids existed!
Blogger Hannah from zombiiemummy pointed me in the direction of MaxandNancy!!! 

Huzzah it did indeed exist!!! 
Before and After Hairydust!!!

After checking out the website I cheekily asked if they would send me a bottle in return for a blog review.
As you can see they were super awesome and said yes! 
I liked them already! 

The packaging is ├╝ber cute and not gender specific at all, it looks like a little bottle of magic powder .... Which basically it is!
A sprinkle of the white stuff and Ru's hair went from drab and lifeless to shiny and gorgeous! 

I used it in the bath first as I knew he wouldn't be able to run away, he didn't mind it at all and has on occasion brought me the bottle, shaked it in my face and sat down in front of me waiting for me to play with his hair! 

Must be a winner if he's insisting on it being used.

His ear infection seems *fingers crossed* all cleared up but that won't stop me using Hairydust.
 It really does what you need it to do! 

I've used it on the twins after they decided one night wasn't hair washing night as they didn't want to get wet eyes .... So usually I'd put up a massive fight which would end in tears .... Usually Mine and wash their hair! 
Knowing I had the bottle of Hairydust to hand I quite happily said ok then out you get (both boys were obviously gunning for a screaming match as they were both completely speechless)

Hairydust & me 1 - twins 0.
I highly recommend buying a bottle specially if you have a child who hates hair washing time, or just to have just incase your little one's hair needs a bit of a freshen up or to save on time on that odd occasion when everything has got ridiculously busy and you've run out of time for the hair wash fight! 

What's inside this magical bottle??? 
100% Natural Ingredients of course, you wouldn't want any old rubbish going onto your little angels head!!
Tapioca starch,
Sodium bicarbonate,
Cucumis Sativus (cucumber) fruit extract,
Zea mays flour,
Anthemis Nobillis (Roman Chamomile) flower oil,
Paraben free
Not tested on animals!!   

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