Friday 22 January 2016

Food Review || Ape Coconut Curls

Munch happy with the new coconuts on the block.....

Completely natural 
100% coconut & seasoning
No added sugars or chemicals!!

The U.K.'s first crisp and popcorn alternative made from coconuts. A packet of coconut curls contains no more than 109 calories per packet and even better news for those watching their waste lines this January this delicious snack has fewer carbs than crisps & popcorn.  

I was sent a couple of packets to try, they arrived right at the time I started 
"The new healthy living me!"

Win win!

They weren't anything like I expected
 (I was thinking dried up wrinkly fruit, bland and boring)
Boy was I wrong!

From the first taste I was in love.
I'm not good when it comes to eating healthily but these are far too tasty not to like, they're also rather addictive!
 They don't taste like any other health foods that I've tried.

The salted ones were my favourite, Jon preferred the peppered ones. 
The four bags I were sent didn't last long so I'll be making sure to buy them next time I'm shopping!

The boys decided they didn't like them enough to eat more than one curl....
I'll keep trying them on them! 
They will like them! 

They're the perfect snack for vegans, coeliacs, and those with paleo lifestyles, or any one whose trying to eat more healthily like myself!! 

You can buy Ape Coconut Curls at the following stores -
Planet Organic,
As Nature Intended
Nourish (Ireland) 
Available in 20g portions - RRP 99p

To find out more visit 

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