Monday 4 January 2016

Hello Fresh Box

So this week we decided to try out a HelloFresh Box.

I've seen a few blogs on HelloFresh and wanted to try it but when I suggested it to Jon he didn't seem too impressed but the moment he saw an advert on Facebook he decided that it was an amazing idea and yes we'll be doing it!! 

I get far too excited about big boxes turning up at our door and this was no different! I pretty much snatched it out of the delivery guys hand!

We went for the five meals for two people box. As Jon is trying to diet and doesn't like eating early (kids dinner time) as he ends up snacking before bed.

So we always end up making dinner once they're in bed but lately we've been stuck in a rut and reaching for the phone far too many times. 
So we're hoping HelloFresh will stop all of that! 

What's in the box?!?

Mouth watering lovelyness, that's what!!
Everything looks amazing.

You get everything you need to make 5 exciting meals.

Both Jon and I like to cook so I'm sure we'll end up cooking together or there will be a fight on our hands.
Beats watching the same old telly night in night out.

So what's on the Menu?!?
• Lamb Patties with yogurty lentils and sweet potato discs,
• Aubergine 'Al Funghetto' with grilled butterflied chicken,
• Honey mustard gammon steaks with parsley sauce,
• Herbed pork and pesto penne with Parmesan, 
• One pot Vegetarian chilli with quinoa.
For the first time in ages we know what's for dinner on what day and that actually pleases me a ridiculous amount.
I meal plan the boys but when it comes to us we just wing it and see what's  in the fridge or at the end of a phone.

This box will cost £49 a week, which I  guess can be seen as a bit pricey but if we stick with it, it will save us money in the long run. 
At the weekend we are usually out or we have DIY pizza nights with the boys.

If you fancy trying out the HelloFresh box you can use my referral code and you'll get money off :) 
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I'll share pictures of our meals at the end of the week and let you know how we've got on. 

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