Tuesday 19 January 2016

Flab to Fab

Yesterday I kick started my fitness journey.

I wouldn't say I was over weight but I do have unwanted flabby bits.

My tummy has never quite recovered from having the twins and then Ru.
This is the year I get rid of the little over hang it has. (I'm blaming my c-section scar for that)
My back flab well that's just down to eating far too much rubbish and not enough exercise! 

I'm up'ing my water intake - I used to drink loads but now I just drink my many cups of coffee and sip on a glass of water throughout the day.
I'm aware that's rather crap.

Yesterday I downed 2 litres.
**thumbs up**
We got given 24 bottles of water over the weekend due to a water leak and the island being without water - the water eventually came back on and now I'm putting the bottles to use by making sure I drink at least one a day !!

Pre twins I used to go to the gym pretty much every other day and Noah would either be at nursery or be in the crèche.
I haven't done much exercise since other than running around after the boys. 
So I've bought two work out DVDs as I can no longer afford the gym and have no time to actually go to one. 
Zumba and Yoga for beginners. 
I'm planning to try and do Zumba 3x a week and Yoga twice a week.
If I feel I'm getting the hang of yoga I may try and find a local class!

I also got the Lean in 15 book to see what all the fuss is about.
I have to say it's pretty good and I'm excited about trying the all meals.

I'm aiming for 10000 steps a day.
Yesterday I reached over 11000! 
Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up as usually I only manage to do about 6000.

So ...
More steps,
More cardio exercise (Zumba)
More water
Less junk - more good food
Positive thinking!!!

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