Saturday 27 February 2016

Sport Relief || Get Your Jumping Shoes On!

The Nation Goes Skipping Mad For Sport Relief #SureSkipathon is aiming to get Brits donating one million skips

• Skipping is one of the happiest sports as two thirds of Brits find it impossible to skip without a smile on their face (62 per cent)

• Katherine Jenkins, is one of the first celebrities to showcase her skipping prowess to inspire Brits to donate their skips to mark the launch of the Sure Skipathon for Sport Relief

The nation is going skipping mad for Sport Relief.  As part of the Sure Skipathon, Brits are being asked to donate one million skips to unlock a £200,000 donation to Sport Relief. 

 Katherine Jenkins, OBE, is one of the first celebrities to take up the challenge, after being shown the ropes at the re-named Skipadilly Circus and donating the first skip for Sport Relief. She says; "I’m a big fan of skipping to keep fit and I make sure it’s always incorporated into my weekly routine. Skipping is one of the most fun, cheap and effective exercises you can do. When you skip, you can’t help but smile! The Sure Skipathon for Sport Relief is a great incentive to get moving for a fantastic cause.”

Katherine, comments; “I have a busy schedule so I incorporate short and intense workouts into my weekly routine. I love skipping as it is one of the most fun, cheap and effective exercises you can do and always puts a smile on my face! Skipping burns more than 10 calories a minute while strengthening your legs, shoulders & arms and can be done virtually anywhere.”

With two thirds (62%) of the nation finding it impossible to skip without a smile on their face, a host of celebrities including Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Victoria Beckham jumping on the trend and its physical and mental benefits well documented, skipping is having a resurgence as the hottest fitness trend.

When it comes to the benefits of skipping, over three quarters (77 per cent) recognise that it is good for health and wellbeing, with 83 per cent of those polled admitting that the exercise is something that they would like to do more of. 

Pro-skippers from The British Skipping Rope Association and Streets United, known for their show stopping skipping skills, have taken to iconic landmarks like Westminster Bridge and Abbey Road to get the nation skipping mad.

To learn the ropes yourself and take up the A-list exercise, follow these tips from the British Skipping Association:

Use the right length of rope. To check this, stand on your rope with both feet and hold the handles up. The perfect length rope will mean your hands are just under your armpits. As you get more confident you can shorten your rope

  • When you skip, always jump on the balls of your feet and keep your knees bent

  • When you are skipping, look ahead and when the rope gets to eye-level, jump!

  • Keep your arms bent and close to your body so you turn the rope with your wrists

  • Just make small jumps, you don't need to do huge ones to clear the rope – this saves you energy to keep skipping

  • If you want to skip for a good cause, no rope required, try out the Sure Skipathon, the first digital Skipathon in aid of Sport Relief

To take part in the Sure Skipathon and make a difference with your movement, all you need to do is grab your smart device, visit and follow the simple instructions to donate your skip.
You can even share the game on Facebook or Twitter with #SureSkipathon and get your friends to skip along with Sure for Sport Relief.

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