Tuesday 2 February 2016

Review || Mini Weekend Box

I was very kindly sent one of the new Mini Weekend Boxes to try out.

If you're not aware of what the Weekend Box is, its an fortnightly subscription box.
You can choose from either a Mini Box or a Bumper Box

~ Mini Box:
  • Everything you need for 2 fun activities
  • 2x Activities randomly chosen from MAKE, BAKE, EXPLORE & MORE

  • ~ Bumper Box

  • Everything you need for 4 fun activities
  • 4x Activities from something to MAKE, BAKE, EXPLORE & MORE

  • Each box is themed! 

    Our box theme was Rainforests!
    The moment the box landed on our doorstep I got all excited. I usually do arty boxes with Noah, but since the twins started nursery they have been a lot more interested in making things and are more willing to sit still for more than 5 minutes. 

    So after nursery today we opened up our box and got too it.

    First the twins decided to make the rainforest in a bottle!
    The twins are very "greened fingered" they take after Jon, so planting our own rainforest was right up their street. 
    Even Jon joined in with this activity and made the hole in the lid.

    Whilst we waited for our pellets to turn into soil, we cracked on with the bird mask.
    I thought they'd fight over it but they did it together so nicely and ever shared the mask afterwards.
    The mask took about 15 minutes to make, once it was done the soil was ready for us to sow our seeds.

    We only got three seeds....so I'm hoping its something exciting.
    I'll post rainforest updates over on my Instagram!

    I'm very impressed and pleased with the Mini box, I think its just perfect for little ones who don't have a long enough attention span to sit down and do all the four activities.
    The boys absolutely loved doing it and both give it a big thumbs up.

    I'm sure from the photos you can tell how much fun they had doing the activities.

    The Mini Box is £4.95
    The Bumper box  is £7.50!
    You can pause or cancel your boxes if you're not completely satisfied at any time.

    If you would like to try out the Weekend Box for yourself for free, head over to www.weekendboxclub.com and enter my special discount code-

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