Thursday 18 February 2016

Competition || Win a #SelfieSnaps Bratz Doll

The Bratz are back!!! 

The Bratz believe in thinking for themselves, creating the things they dream of, and making every day an absolute adventure
The funky dolls are back with even more style!!

I always seem to eye up Bratz dolls when out in toy shops and always have to walk on by.

The dolls always look really funky and if they'd been around in my doll playing days, I would have definitely made my mum buy them for me.

One of the new range back is #SelfieSnaps 

Following huge popularity in 2015, the #Selfiesnaps range is back by popular demand with some cool new looks and loads of super fun accessories. 

Get to know the Bratz®TM via their #Selfiesnaps styles and fun emoji icons. 

They’re #SoEmojinalTM. 
(Individual dolls RRP £16.99) 
Sasha's new #SelfieSnapsTM style features oversized emojis - no better way to stand out in a crowd!

RayaTM and her quirky personality join the crew in this season's #SelfieSnapsTM collection.

Yasmin's new fashion is all about the happy face and her favourite emoji: the peace sign. #Namaste

Cloe's new #SelfieSnapsTM fashion is inspired by hashtags & happy faces - positively trending!

I'm able to giveaway one super cool #SelfieSnaps doll!!

So if you have a Bratz crazy child or know someone who does why not enter?!

Good Luck xxx  

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