Monday 8 February 2016

Gem Right At Home || Our Favourite Place

When's the last time you felt like a tourist in your own city, or came across that one great place that's been under your nose for years?

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The Leas Kent!

Since moving to the Isle of Sheppey last March, we have explored a fair bit, found some places that we wouldn't return to and found our favourite places. One of them being The Leas.

A typical British pebble beach with a lovely splash of colour from the beautiful beach huts that line the hill side.

We visit The Leas at least once or twice a week.
 Ray loves to run along the shore line and the boys all love treasure hunting and throwing pebbles in the water.

Ru is always very happy and calm at the beach, and could probably spend all day throwing pebbles in the sea with out a single peep from him.

Last summer was spent paddling in the sea, even venturing out to find the water when the tide was out and seeing what things we could find.
Friends all came to visit and always commented on how lovely The Leas is.

Plenty of Ice creams have been bought in the little seaside sweet hut and Hot chocolates when the weather is a little bit nippy.

The owners are lovely and always give you such a warm welcome.

 We all love hunting for our very own special treasure, Oscar usually comes home with pockets full of sea glass and special looking stones and shells.

Noah will fill my pockets with oddly coloured rocks and smelly shells.

Jon loves finding drift wood and Alex usually throws every pebble he finds back into the sea.

We've started putting all our finds in jars and have them on display along our kitchen windowsill.

My favourite thing is searching for heart shaped rocks.
I've found about 4 so far, every time I find one I always make sure I write the date on it.

Something to look back on and treasure when we're old and grey.
Even when it's busy the beach is enjoyable everyone is friendly and always up for a chat about this and that.

It's always been a dream of mine  to live by the sea, never did I think I'd end up living a 5 minute drive from such a beautiful one.

The Lea's has its own beach side gym!!!
You can run along the front and stop every now and again to use the free equipment!
Something I should probably start doing.

The boys absolutely love running up and down trying out all the different machines.
They love the wheels ones the most as they like to pretend they are pirates on their ship sailing the seas searching for gold. 

 We love coming to our special peaceful beach it always clears the cobwebs away and instantly gives us all a lift.

We may head there full of grumps and grumbles but we always always leave feeling happier!!!

My little slice of peace in such a hectic world! 


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