Monday 20 February 2017

Gubbo Kids // Cheeky Monkey Balaclava

We were recently contacted by Gubbo, a new brand in the world of kids design and products for modern parents.

Asking if we wanted to try out one of their super cute Cheeky Monkey balaclava.
Ru is a bit hat fan so I knew he'd be more than happy to add another one to his collection.

The hat is made of Polar Thermal Micro Fleece with a double material layer textile construction. It is also breathable so your little ones head won't get too toasty!

Super soft and adorable.
Ru loved it so much he put it on as soon as he saw it.

Its a hat, scarf and face mask all in one!
Perfect for cold days, and much safer than handing a scarf to a toddler!

You can buy the hat in either pink or blue from the Gubbo website for £19.99.
As Gubbo are still pretty new they only have the cheeky monkey balaclava's for sale, but there are new products in the pipeline!!

As well as being sent the hat, we were sent a goodie box full of organic treats, which the boys a matter of seconds to start tucking into.

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