Saturday 25 February 2017

Imaginext DC Super Friends Arkham Asylum Review

The twins are like most other boys and are super hero crazy!

When we were asked to review the new Imaginext DC Super Friends Arkham Asylum playset I had to say yes.

The Toys Features;
Turn bottom Power Pad to open and close jail cell doors,
Turn top power pad to reveal the disk launcher,
Load disks into launcher and press button to fire,
Playset includes 1 Batman figure and 3 projectiles.

The boys jumped for joy when they came home and found the playset on the table, Oscar came so protective over it, he hid it in his cupboard whilst he was at school so that Rupert couldn't find it and put a claim to it!

We found a few of our other imaginext figures and the boys instantly got Batman to put them all into jail.

The launch pad is hidden behind the bat signal so those sneaky criminals won't notice if they are trying to escape the Asylum.
With an easy push button the disks launch into the air shooting down the unsuspecting criminal, ready for Batman to go and get him and drag him back to where he belongs.

The twins took it in turns to be Batman, they each fought the baddie and got him locked up in the asylum.

Sometimes the bad guy would have robbed the bank, or even stolen the worlds most famous jewels from jewel tower, one time Batman caught the baddie stealing his favourite snack!

They would battle it out and if Batman won he would get to take the baddie back to Arkham and lock him up for good!

We even had poor Scooby-doo locked up in the Asylum at one point, goodness knows what he'd done to get there!

Imaginext playlets are great for letting their little imaginations run wild!

You can find the Arkham Asylum Play-set at Smyths Toys for £36.99.

Here's a little clip of the boys having a play with the playset, as you can tell by their excitement they are thrilled with it.

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