Wednesday 10 November 2021

Life update

I've been a little bit absent from the blog in the last few months, due to life being so up in the air, the house move, a new baby, a new area and still feeling a bit blah after Bea's birth I needed a break and to try and get my head together.

I think I'm nearly there, I've taken another off year uni as I just couldn't juggle the studying and chasing Bea around the house and I'm trying to just focus on not overloading my plate and trying to do things that bring me joy rather than stress.

The house is all unpacked and the rooms are all starting to look how we want them, Bea still needs her wallpaper doing but we have planned to get that done before Christmas.

We had ordered a new kitchen to be installed in the new year, but have decided we need to put that money towards new windows.
We currently don't have double glazing and the house is super cold.
We have to stick to the current design of windows which is sash windows due to living in a conservation area and not wanting to change the look of the house as we love it and on our last count, we have 21 windows of all shapes and sizes, we also need 3 new doors, as the current ones need updating.

Ru's room is coming along

I found a lovely lady on Etsy to make my house sign.

Noah got into the local secondary school and then a three weeks after starting school the younger three boys were all offered a place at the local primary, which meant no more school runs in the car and we could all walk to school!
It also means that they will get straight into the secondary as they are part of the same school!

Things have all seemed to really work out.
I just need to find some local baby group and things to do with Bea and life will be brilliant.
Bea is now at the stage where she needs to be getting out and about and exploring the world.
She's so active that I know she'll benefit from it, I just have to stop being such a hermit and get in my car.

We are loving exploring the local area and have been on lots of adventures.

Our yearly tradition of pumpkin picking was picked up this year, Noah decided he didn't want to come along so it was just the four kids but we made sure to pick out Noah a decent sized pumpkin for him to carve.

The past week and a half we have all minus Jon been on lockdown!

Noah got Covid on Halloween, just as I had planned a day out at Pensthorpe as they had a special spooky trail on, so we had to cancel but thankfully we can re book once we are all better.

As Noah tested positive we took everyone to get a PCR test just to make sure no one else had it, turned out all the boys did.
Bea also came down in a rash and had a fever, after talking to 111 and the doctors we did a lateral flow on her and her test came back positive too.

Noah's symptoms were a high temp and he has been feeling really tired,
the twins have had poorly tummies,
Ru had a temp of 40 degrees which would only come down to 38/39 but otherwise felt ok
Bea had a rash, runny nose and a temp of 39 but again seemed ok within herself.

Being double jabbed I though I would get away with it, but unfortunately I didn't and just before this weekend I tested positive.
I spent most of the weekend feeling rough and I have lost my sense of smell, thankfully now I'm not feeling too bad.
Noah goes back to school tomorrow and the others are back on Friday, I'm still in isolation until next Tuesday and I cannot wait to get out and go for a walk!

Bea is now 9 months old!!
I can't believe in 3 months time she'll be turning one!
I will do a whole post on her and her milestones in a few days.



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  1. I am glad things are better for you now. It sounds like you have some great plans for your new house. So sorry you have all had Covid but I am glad you are all getting over it now. x