Tuesday 28 December 2021

House // A Sneak Peak into Bea's Room

Bea's room is now practically finished! 
We have to sort the carpets out but first, we need to re-level her floor as it's completely sunk in the middle. The joy of living in a super old house, but decor-wise it is finished and I don't think I could be any happier!

The wallpaper is up, or should I say wallpaper of dreams is up.
I saw this when I was pregnant and fell in love with it, but then we were still in our old house and Bea wasn't going to have a room, as there weren't any spare, so she was just going to take up a corner in our room as it was big enough so there really wasn't any need for wallpaper for her.
As soon as we decided we were going to move I knew I wanted to go and buy the wallpaper, as soon as we moved in it was one of our little big spends, as £50 per roll was rather pricey but definitely worth it.

We measure and remeasured the wall just to make sure we had the right measurements and ended up ordering 3 rolls.
Then fretting that we probably wouldn't have enough.

In the end, we still have a whole roll leftover, so I will try and find something to do with it, as it's too pretty to waste.

One of my favorite features of Bea's room is her fireplace, I always wanted a fireplace in my room when I was a little girl but we never lived in the right sort of house.
I'm hoping once she's old enough she'll love it as much as I do.

For Christmas, my cousin gave Bea her very first crystals.
An Agate elephant and a Selenite sphere.
Agate helps with protection, courage, strength, and grounding.
Selenite helps with cleansing, clearing, and moon magic.

I was very touched by these, I'm really into my crystals but haven't got round to buying Bea any. All the boys have their own and love adding to their collection just as much as I love collecting to mine. Hopefully, Bea will be the same.

Yesterday Jon put up the Habitat shelf that I bought just before Christmas, and it's perfect for her little selection of books and some of her Jellycat bashful bunnies.
The wood goes nicely with her cot and IKEA shelf drawers

In the corner by her door lives Diddums and baby Diddums.
Diddums is my mum's very old and very vintage kewpie doll that she has had since she was a young girl.
I played with her when I was young, all the boys have had a thing with her, my nieces all took a shining to her and now it is Bea's turn to enjoy her.
I know she's a bit odd looking but we love that about her, and whilst digging around in my favorite vintage shop a few weeks back I came across a tiny kewpie doll that I just had to have!
I have never seen another one other than eBay, so I knew she was meant to be ours.

When I was pregnant I couldn't help but buy some lovely handmade rainbows for Bea, as being our special rainbow baby she just needed to have them, this one hangs just beside her door.

Last but not least, Baby Bea's Bee.
I bought this for Bea when she was a few weeks old, and she instantly fell in love with him.
You really can't beat Jellycat softness.
Most of Bea's soft toys are from Jellycat as I just love them.

Now it's on to the next room, which I think may be ours as that only needs a few finishing touches.
Then most likely it'll be the twins' room but I need to find a feature wallpaper for their room, but I'm finding it difficult finding the right one that'll suit them and their tastes.

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