Monday 27 December 2021

Review // GraviTrax Starter Set


Ru can easily get bored with his Xbox and will often hunt out toys or art supplies to help keep him more occupied when such an occasion arises.
So when I heard about GraviTrax I knew he would absolutely love it.

Ru always gets on well with STEM toys and they always keep him busy for hours on end.

GraviTrax is a STEM toy that encourages children to explore science, technology, engineering, and maths while having fun and developing their creativity and imagination.

The set comes with over 100 components and a booklet containing 10 different track ideas, ranging from easy to hard. 
Something for everyone to get their teeth stuck into.

Ru and I decided to go for a medium-level track to start off with and ended up choosing track E from the booklet.
It didn't take very long to set up once we had all our components ready.

Ru loved watching the ballbearings sliding down the track and loved seeing which one won.
He was really immersed in watching the ball rolling down the track.

Once he was done with track E he was eager to crack on with one of the harder tracks. He tried a couple more and then the twins decided to come down and have a play. It was lovely to see them all playing nicely together for a change.

The GraviTrax track system can be extended indefinitely with extra track packs and add-on’s – each sold separately.

GraviTrax promotes learning about kinetic energy, gravity, magnetism, and problem-solving.
It is aimed at kids 8 and older. Rupert is 8 in a few months, so it is ideal for him and would make an awesome birthday present. 
I can already see him asking for more tracks for his birthday.

You don't even need to follow the suggested tracks as you can make up your very own track by using your imagination and using all your problem-solving skills.
The boys all had a go at this and found that a lot of the time the balls would always end up falling off the track as they hadn't quite set it up right.
But rather than getting annoyed and giving up they just ended up taking it apart and rebuilding and trying again.

You can find GraviTrax from Ravensburger on sale in Argos, John Lewis, and Amazon price ranging from £32.

A definite winner of a Toy and I'm sure if Ru had got this for Christmas it would have been his best ever-present!

* Product was gifted but all thoughts are my own.

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