Wednesday 18 March 2015

The house so far....

So we moved into our new house officially on Monday, we had spent the weekend doing as much unpacking as we possibly could, my parents helped out on the Sunday and we did get a lot done and my mum blitzed through the house giving it a good clean!

Mum is just like Monica from friends but worse!

We got the twins room done, 
Noah's room half done. 
We also got the kitchen in some sort of order and the lounge so we could sit down in.

On Monday Jon had the day off so we bought all the boys over and tried to crack on whilst the were running round getting to know their new home.

Jon managed to get the kitchen in a working order!

It still needs work as not everything has a home.

Poor Ru, his room has turned into a box room where you have to fight your way in... 

His room will be done last, as he still sleeps with us so it's not a big priority.

I can work my way through the boxes and then work my magic on his first ever room!

The twins decided to add their own art work to their walls on Monday evening

 I've managed to get rid of some,  just this last lot is proving rather stubborn :( 

The boys room will be decorated eventually but for now they don't mind the flowers. 

My mission today is to try and empty Noah's room of boxes and build his wardrobe.

Wish me luck and if any of you have any good tips about removing crayon from walls please please please let me know x

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