Sunday 29 March 2015

Ella's kitchen - play and learn finger food Review

Ru was kindly sent the new Play and Learn finger food range from our friends over at Ella's Kitchen.

In our lovely purple box was: 

• grab me melty puffs - strawberries and bananas 
• grab me melty puffs - tomatoes and leeks 
• pick me melty hoops - cheese and tomatoes
• pick me melty hoops - vanilla and bananas 
• grab me baby biscuits - Apple and ginger 

Ru was very impressed with all of it and wanted to gobble everything up in one sitting! 

I would say his favourite from all the mmmmm'in nosies he was making was the vanilla and banana pick me melty hoops!

The twins liked the melty puffs and the baby biscuits. They were practically trying to steal them out of poor Ru's hands.
Even Noah liked the biscuits.

The packaging is very eye catching and I love the colours. I always think Ella's kitchen products stand out more than the other baby food products that are available and that because of that I'm always drawn to them.
I'm like a blackbird instead of shiny things it's pretty colourful things lol! 

This range are great at helping with their hand to eye coordination, as well as being scrummy for their tummies 

They're 100% organic which is always a bonus for me as I know they'll have no 
hidden nasties in them! 

What the label say - 

No added sugar 
No concentrates
No additives or colourings
Just yummy organic snacks for babies 
They only contain naturally occurring sugars 

Happy tums Happy mums! :)

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