Wednesday 25 March 2015

1 month till the big day

Ru is 11 months!!!
Where has the time gone! 

•he's mastered standing up by himself and taking more than four steps!
•he's a big fan of pasta
•he's very into In The Night Garden, only time he sit/stands and really watches the tv
•he's into 12-18 clothing and has been for a while 
•he now has his own room, but I've yet to get it looking lovely as it's still full of boxes 
•his eyes are still green
•his hair is getting rather long but I won't get it cut!
•he finds his brothers very funny and try's so hard to play with them
•we still are using cloth nappies

So as the big event draws closer and closer I'm made to actually think how I'll be making the day special! 

I've bought him some lovely bits from kynaboutique 
but I'm not sure what he'll eventually wear on his big day 

I'm thinking about having a little tea party for him with all the family. 

I need to sort out a cake

A present 


Party food

Tea party games. 

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