Saturday 14 March 2015

Our time at Bluestone Wales.....

Last Monday, we all set off for a four hour long car journey....destination..... 

Bluestone Wales!!!

The trip came at such a great time, as Noah had just had his last day at school on the Friday and we got the keys to the new house on the Wednesday. 
So whilst he was in-between schools it meant we could all go as a family! 

We set off around midday as there was no rush to get there as we couldn't check into our lodge till 4.30!
The journey wasn't bad at all and all four boys behaved themselves. We stopped about half way and to get some food and change nappies.
We got to the resort just before 5 o'clock, we were greeted by a lovely member of staff who gave us our keys and car hanger, she also gave us a welcome pack and explained the map to us.

We stayed in Preseli view number 31! 
We unloaded the car and then Jon took it to the car park, where it stayed for the week.

Our accommodation 


We stayed in the Gateholm Lodge which sleeps 6!
One double and two twin rooms.
Our double had a gorgeous ensuit with a lovely big bath and then there was a family shower room which only I used once. We all stuck to using the bathroom. 
Both bathrooms had super powerful showers! 
Which were lovely!! 
I do love a powerful shower.

Upstairs the lodge was open plan living which we really liked.

There were stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, a travel cot and a highchair!
All the baby essentials you need!

It had a really cosy feel to it and we had some gorgeous views from the upstairs windows.

I managed to captured some lovely sunsets with my camera! 

By the time we had unloaded and given the boys their dinner everyone was pretty tired. So bath and bed was in order for the monsters then Jon and myself ordered a takeaway.
We went for the curry

It was a bit of a let down to be honest. We paid a lot for it and it just tasted like a supermarket jar curry with uncle bens rice.

Everyone slept really well and was ready for a day of fun.
We had breakfast and headed off to the village.

Jon decided he was going to be the main carrier of Ru. Great chance for them to bond and give me some time off as he's starting to get rather heavy.
Note to self Buggy really is needed!!

Half way down we were greeted by Mr snake (I'm not sure what his proper name was) the boys thought he was amazing!

The boys saw the park and shot off to play!

We then went for a coffee in the coffee shop, it was such lovely weather we sat outside and we had some very friendly company (they were after our Welsh cakes not our friendship mind!!!)

We decided what activities we wanted to do and where we wanted to eat and headed off to the village info to pay and put a reservation down for the farmhouse grill!

Our first activity of the week was The Secret Village.

We were met by Hobbit Harry and we had to do the secret oath and cast a spell to make us small then we followed Harry off to the secret fairy village!
Along the way we came across a troll bridge

We then went on into the woods and found a sleeping fairy named Rosebud.
We all had to wake her up so she could take us on to the fairy village! 

The boys all loved it and really believed in the magic and that we were in a real secret fairy village!
I loved seeing their faces light up when Harry and Rosebud were talking.

They thought Harry was hilarious and probably would have followed him around for the whole week!

For Dinner we went to the Farm House grill.
Jon had a rump steak grill which he really really enjoyed, the boys had the kiddie buffet and I had chicken and sweet potatoe chips.
The kids buffet was perfect for tired kiddies who didn't have the patience to wait.
The food was nice but the hall where we sat reminded us of a school hall. 
Maybe some light music could have made it a bit of a better atmosphere.

On the way back to lodge we checked out the mini beast hotel to see if we could find any, but our luck was out. The boys still enjoyed looking.


The heavens had opened and it was forecast rain for the next two days. 
We didn't let that stop us from having fun.
Noah set off to become a Bluestone Buccaneer and went on a two hour adventure with 6 other children.
Whilst he was doing that, we took the others to the activity centre to play.

Ru loved the ball pit!

Once the twins were exhausted we went upstairs the the woodland café.
 We then headed back to the lodge and did some puddle jumping along the way!

Jon went to collect Noah and met us back at the lodge. 

Noah had a great time, they went up to camp smokey and found some real pirate treasure.
He came back rather wet with a treasure map he had drawn himself, a giant chocolate coin and a balloon pirate sword. 

We then spent the rest of the afternoon in the lodge, letting the twins and Ru nap.
In the evening we took the boys to kids hour at the granary.
They were a bit like deers caught in headlights at first and weren't so keen on joining in but by the end they were having a whale of a time. 


Whilst we were sat in on the Wednesday afternoon I booked up four activities for today.
The twins were booked in for toddler sensory - space themed 
Noah was booked in for the lantern workshop and Ru was booked in for baby sensory - pirate themed

The twins loved the space themed sensory play, the parachute was their best bit.
Oscar decided to spend his time there dressed up as a lion!!!

Noah made an excellent lantern and said he really enjoyed himself.

Ru at baby sensory..... Well he was a bit of a rebel and decided he didn't want to do what he was meant to and wanted to play with the toys at the back of the room.
He then went round and tried to hug everyone.
The sensory was great and all the well behaved babies seemed to be really enjoying it. Even though Ru was being rebellious he had a great time too! 

We were going to go to the pub for our last meal but the boys were all rather tired after their activities so we decided it was best to stay at the lodge and cook ourselves. 

We had planned to go swimming everyday but unfortunately we had far to many children and not enough adults. :(  
So when we go again we will bring the grandparents along with us! 

We had such an amazing time we are all so thankful to have been given this holiday!!

I really think Bluestone is the perfect place to go to when you have a young family!

I'm still in disbelief that my blogging got me and my family a holiday!!!

Thank you Bluestone, we will be back!!! 

*** I was offered 4 days at Bluestone for free in return for an honest review!***

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