Wednesday 4 March 2015

IKEA surprise!

I love cake and I love baking!
Since being at the in laws I've only made one carrot cake! 
I feel my baking powers slipping away from me!

Whilst at ikea last week I spotted a muffin mix. I wasn't too sure if it was worth buying one,

But I did 

Today we had no plans so I thought I'd give it a whirl and see what it was like!

All I had to do was add 250mls of water, shake for 30 seconds and pour!

Bish bosh bash! 

They looked bright yellow which was a bit alarming but a naughty treat once in a while never hurts.

I baked the at 200•c for about 20 minutes 

They actually tasted really nice! 

They do a chocolate muffin box too. 
Next time I'm back in ikea I'll be buying more.

I do love quick and easy cake when a sugar craving crops it's ugly head! 

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  1. I too enjoyed them my 8year old could do them perfect .I added two eggs and 1 tsp of olive oil