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Monday, 4 September 2017

Awesome Little Green Men

A new collectible has arrived in the UK.
 Awesome Little Green Men, they may be small but their characters are larger than life and serious about the mission ahead. 

The fresh new take on little green army men raises the bar by infusing battle and game play with 100 unique characters to collect in Series 1, including four super rare figures in the green army and the blue army.
Each with their own expression, you can find the likes of Sgt. Juliett and Major Zoomie to collect, each boasting different stats – who can build the strongest troops to win the battle?

Awesome Little Green Men come in Blind Boxes, Starter Packs and Deluxe Battle Packs, with Battle Packs containing everything you need to start your mission. 
Fans can even join the troop too with their very own dog-tag for each character and a new recuits collector’s sheet to track your collection.

We were sent;

Awesome Little Green Battle Deluxe Pack – RRP £24.99
Each Battle Deluxe Pack comes with eight soldiers (three in a vehicle), eight dog-tags, a new recruits poster and game guide. 

Two Awesome Little Green Men Blind Box – RRP £3.99
Each blind box comes with one soldier, one dog-tag, a new recruits poster and game guide. 

All the beasties were impressed with these and when they discovered that not only are they fun collectables but you can have a battle with them they were all over it.

On our Green Army we had -
General Pain ~ Super rare 
Corporal Charles ~ Common (Ranger Unit)
Corporal Delta ~ Common (Eagle Eye Unit)
Colonel Dogfight ~ Rare (Eagle Eye Unit)
Sgt. Bravo ~ Common (Special Task Team)
Major Boo-Boo ~ Rare (Special Forces)

On our Blue Army we had -
Private Porkchop ~  Common (Seal Unit)
Colonel Scrapes ~ Rare (Secret Task Force)
Sgt.Smell-It ~ Common (Close Combat Team)
Capt. Quiver ~ Rare (Special Forces)

Rules of Play
  1. On your turn you get four actions.
  2. For an action, flick a "March" Slider to move a solider down the field or flick an "Attack" Slider at an enemy to start knocking them out.
  3. Be the first player to flick your "March" Slider and hit the enemy's goal without hitting another solider in the process.
For more on the Rules click here.

The boys split into teams of two, 
The Green Army - Oscar & Ru and then 
The Blue Army - Noah & Alex.

It took them a little while to get the hang of it but once they understood they played for well over half an hour.
After they had finished the battle they took their men out into the garden and made them have a secret mission!

They have all said they want to collect all the Awesome Little Green Men as they love them and are now their most favourite collectables!!

Recommended age 6+

Available to buy in Tesco, Smtyhs and Toys R Us soon.
To find out more information about Awesome Little Green Men and The Battle Game, visit

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Num Noms Series 3 // Unboxing

We were sent some more Num Noms from the new series 3 sets.
On our last unboxing Rupert was asleep and missed out, so this time I thought I would let him have all the fun and unbox the lot whilst the boys were at school.
Rupert was the one who liked them the most and enjoys lining them up along his kitchen counter.

Incase you are new to the world of Num Noms, there are two different kinds of characters to collect.
 The Nums are the outer, soft, squishy characters, and the Noms are the inner, hard-shelled characters.

We're starting to get quite a collection now and we all have our favourites.
All the boys love them and aren't put off by them being on the girlie side.

The Num Noms lunchbox packaging also doubles up as storage which is perfect for when its time to tidy up. Rupert will happily run around finding the Num Noms and place them all inside before he goes and hides the box away in his bedroom!
None of his brothers are allowed near his precious box.

Idea behind how to play::
1. Pick a container....
2. Add a Nom...
3. Pick a Num....
4. Creat your own wacky flavour combos!

Our best flavour combo with the newest Num Noms was ....
Cucumber, Marshmallow and Blueberry with the Num Noms;
Coolie Cucumber, Maya Mallow Num's  and Blueberry Light-up Nom.

They're a perfect size for him to carry around, one in each hand usually and he loves to squish them.
Much less bulky than his beloved cars.
The cheeky faces make him smile and every so often you can see him trying to copy their facial expressions.
The scented ones are my favourite and I cant help but take a sniff every time I pick one up.

Do your kids collect Num Noms?
If so whats their wackiest combo??

Series 3 and Light Up Num Noms in shops now!