Sunday 26 July 2015

A look back #1

I've decided to make a weekly photo
 post, I take so many photos and many of them never get put into posts. 

So I'm going to be taking a look back through my phone and picking my favourite pictures from the week. 

Noah had a fun day at school

Ru enjoying the white car at morrisons 

Chunky chalk fun

Our brilliant car boot find has now been turned into a super cute coat rack for the boys, I'm so in love with it! 

The twins in new vests! 

Shampoo fun in the bath 

Sheldon found his way up onto our bed and indie was right there making sure he was ok <3

This week has seen my hair go from yellow, to blue to purple to red!

I learned how to make paper ninja was a great idea at the time.

Ru's new thing is to put his hand over his mouth when he does something cheeky and say 'oooh'

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