Saturday 18 July 2015

South East Trucker show - Kent

We hadn't planned anything for today apart from Jon putting up Rupert's black out curtains and letting the boys play in the garden and tidying up.

Boring hey! 

Our neighbour came round this morning with a loaf of bread and told me there was a truck show on down the road. Instantly I knew Jon would love to go along!

We thought we'd go and check it out!

It was £5 each for Jon and I and the kids went in for free. Jon and the boys were all in their element especially Jon, he has a real love for trucks and two times a year he heads off to Brands Hatch to watch them race!

A lovely gentleman let the boys all sit inside his hot rod van lovingly named De Devil, with shrunken heads hung in the back ..... The boys thought it was the best thing ever!!! 

After we walked round, the boys went into the bouncy castles. 

The sun was shining and we were right next to the beach ..... One we haven't explored yet but now it's on our list as it looks much nicer than we thought.
We all had fun, but of course there were two out of four boys crying on the way home! 

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