Friday 24 July 2015

How I stay organised.

When I had Noah I decided to become super organised and have a diary and a wall Calendar so I could write down all his doctor appointments all the play group times down and anything that I needed to remember. 
Even when all my bills were going out so id know and not get behind on them.

It's a well known fact I have a memory like a fish and should have been keeping a diary well before having Noah.

Then when I became pregnant with the twins i really needed to be on top of things as I had twice as many scans and doctors appointments and then once they were born they had lots of check ups and other bits and bobs to keep on track with but it got too much and I let the diary keeping organised Hannah slip away.
I kept a note of things but not really in an organised way. Which resulted me in missing things and having to ask other people when and what was happening.

Fast forward to today, I have four boys and a blog to keep on track off. 

So I decided to buy myself a planner.

Which in doing so re kindled my love for stationery!

Back in my early teen days I remember going to Kingston every weekend to go into a shop called Morning Glory - which was a Korean stationery shop, it was my teen heaven and I loved going their to top up my stash.

I use my planner to reminded when I have post deadlines, when the boys have groups on or school things I need to remember.
I also use it to write down to do lists and plans 

I just took part in the #BringBackPaper stationery swap and in the amazing package I got sent was an awesome note book that I really can put to use as it has sections for to do lists, ideas, wish lists and so on. 

Every morning when I'm having my bowl of coffee I go through my planner and check what I have to do and add any updates. 

Once my coffee is finished I feel ready to take on the day and know exactly what is meant to be happening. 

My planner has become like my bible! 
It comes everywhere with me and I'm very proud of it.

I'm back on the ball and I haven't missed a deadline yet, of forgotten someone's birthday - which has happened a fair few times! 
Fish memories suck! 

I've become so planner obsessed that I find myself wasting hours on line hunting  for other pretty planners or funky stationery that I haven't yet added to my box of joy. 

How do you guys stay organised? 
Do you have a planner obsession like me? 

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