Wednesday 8 July 2015

The mummy of four boys survival guide!

Having four boys who are pretty crazy compared to most children I always have people ask me how I manage, well here is my survival guide...... 

1. always have an endless supply of coffee ..... 

As you can see I'm running a little low (note to self... Get to the shops ASAP!)

2. Drink said coffee from a bowl, a normal sized mug just won't cut the biscuit 

3. Try to aim to have 4 - 5 bowls a day! Any less and there is a chance you'll fall asleep standing up! 

4. Being a bit crazy always helps rule a roost that is over run with boys 

5. Between being crazy and drowning in coffee try and eat sneaky snacks of chocolate or cake with out the wildlings noticing. 

6. Must be an outdoorsy person 

Being stuck in the house will just cause unnecessary chaos.

7. Must find farts and burps amusing.

8. Must be able to out burp everyone!

9. Understanding that boys just like to be nude most of the day and that's ok! Even when the youngest poops on you!

10. Hug at least a 100 times a day.

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