Monday 20 July 2015

Mini Citrus Macaroons with Chocolate Ganache

So last week saw me write about the Bake Club ..... to which I said I'd be showing you a weekly bake!

This week I decided to go with the macaroons! I've never made macaroons before and thought "oh they can't be too tricky!"

... Now let's all sit back and laugh at my silliness! 

*** Macaroons take some general baking skills and concentration! Something you should try your hand at when you are not surrounded by the mini army that you have made! ***

I should have given this a try once the boys were all in bed, but no I decided I had enough baking skills to attemp to start baking whilst they were eating lunch!

Oh ha ha ha ha oh silly me! 

It didn't go too wrong but I'm sure I could have done better!

I couldn't find my piping bags so I improvised and used a sandwich bag which usually does the trick.

The best bit was making the chocolate ganache, I really just wanted to stick my face in the blow and lick it clean! 

They may not have turned out perfectly and as yellow as the picture on the website but they taste yummy and for a first attempt they aren't too shabby and I'm not too put off from trying again!

The Bake Club site is set out brilliantly and it is really easy to follow along to a recipe and the expert tips are really helpful.

Next week I shall be baking something else. Come back to find out what! 

If you want to have a go and see what else you could bake why not pop over and sign up yourself!!

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