Friday 31 July 2015

Bambino Mio swim pants Review 2 - We went swimming

If you missed the first, click here to go back and read it. 

Going swimming has now become part of our weekly routine. So having reusable swimming pants for Ru has really cut the cost down!

Not only are they cost effective they are super adorable, Ru has yet to have a number two in then but I'm very certain we wouldn't have any leaks if it did happen.

Pretty and functional!!

They have a drawstring tie around the waist so that you are able to make sure they fit your baby and don't come off whilst in the pool! As babies don't always come in one size! 

Because they don't hold onto the wee you aren't hit with it when you take it off. Which has happened a few times when I've taken off the twins disposable swim pants. Not something I want to happen when I'm trying to get dressed!

Now every time Rupert sees the pants he knows where we're going and gets all excited! 

You can check out all the swim range over at 
They are a great price at £8.75! 

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