Monday 28 March 2016

Our Easter

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

We usually go to either of our parents but this year we stayed home and faced the chocolate madness alone.

Well saying that we actually spent most of Good Friday over at our neighbours house and the Saturday they were round at ours having coffee and cake.

On Sunday it was just the 6 of us!
Seeing as the boys all had a ridiculous amount of chocolate to find I made sure they had something healthy for breakfast.
Watermelon is always a hit so I knew I'd have no trouble making them eat it. 

Just before lunch I spent about half an hour setting up the egg hunt, with little cards telling them which way to go and if they were close or not ..... Did they pay attention to them! 
Of course not, there chocolate radar kicked in and they were off! 

The hunt lasted all of 5 seconds!
They now have enough chocolate to last them a month if not longer but I'm sure it will all be gone by tomorrow.

Jon's parents got the boys these awesome Lindt Gold Bunny teddies which had gold chocolate bunnies shoved up its bum.

By 5 o'clock the boys were started to have a sugar crash so I decided the best thing for it was to drag them off to the park.
It was completely empty and the boys ran off all their excess energy. Without a photo or watch and I lost track of time, we got home just after 6, luckily Jon had got some food on the go so there would be no fear of them falling asleep before dinner was ready.

I treated them to a Lush bath and sent them off to bed.

Obviously the joy of getting them to bed in broad daylight wasn't easy but black out blinds do work wonders when faced with this ridiculous task.

Once everyone was asleep me and Jon cracked open our secret eggs that I had hidden away. 

How was your Easter?

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