Friday 11 March 2016

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With Rupert and the twins birthdays just around the corner I have been trying to decide what to do for them.

I've decided it makes sense to do them a joint party, as usually the twins have a garden party with a  bouncy castle and it always goes down well and everyone has a great time. Ru is still young and wont really know that its his birthday anyway.

So with that plan made I decided I wanted a theme, to make it a little bit more exciting.
I've settled on a Paddington Bear theme, I have a cake maker lined up to make a Paddington cake, I'm on the hunt for a Paddington bouncy castle and I'm going to invent some Paddington party games.

One thing that I always hate doing are .... Party Bags!

Well that's the thing I usually end up leaving to the last minute and then making a mad dash to the local supermarket only to be able to find complete rubbish to fill them up with that no one is actually going to like!

At Party bags and supplies you can find a wide range of party bags, plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths to choose from!
Not only can you find party bags there you can also buy pre filled ones, Hurray!

The party bags are filled with useful things and there are no choking hazards in site.

Everything is good quality and really takes one of the party planning stresses away. 

If you're planning a party I really recommend checking Party bags & Supplies out, you're bound to find what ever theme/character you want!

You can find the Paddington Bear in the preschool section! 

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