Tuesday 15 March 2016

Review || Cozy Time Hand Warmers

So I'm sure you've heard of Cozy Pillow Pockets, Funky Airheads and Micro Pals but have you heard of ....... Cozy Hand Warmers?

If like me when you think of hand warmers, you instantly think of the little packets that you snap to warm up. Well This Hand Warmer is a much muuuuch cuter and a softer creation that will last much longer than a couple of hours!

We were kindly sent this Giant Hedgehog hand-warmer to be a part of my gift guide blog that is coming in a few weeks time, but I decided it was so nice it needed its own review post!

What the guys over at Cozy Time say -

"Our Cozy Hand Warmers are bright eyed, huggable, and collectable.
These large softies have openings in their sides to keep your hands warm and toasty. Ideal for cuddling up to when watching TV. Kids love to collect them and they are also good for those suffering from arthritis and Raynaud's syndrome as it keeps their hands nice and warm."

This giant fella is amazingly soft, and too adorable not to like, Rupert instantly fell in love with him, but hasn't been too keen on putting his hands inside.
The twins on the other hand, think he's amazing and love taking it in turns to watch the T.V with their hands all snug inside!

Ru has a little bond with him and loves to sit with him whilst he plays, and sneaks in a kiss or two when he think's no one is watching!

There's a great selection of buddies to chose from and I think they'd make a wonderful present idea.
The idea of having something to snuggle up to whilst watching T.V or even in bed is super and something that all children would love!

I know Ru isn't keen on using him as he's intended for but he's much more than just a hand warmer. We think our new friend is an all around winner, and I'll be having to buy the Twins and most likely Noah they're own buddies!

You can buy them from Amazon for a bargain price of £14.99!


**I was kindly sent the item for free in  exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

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