Tuesday 22 March 2016

Game Review || Randomise

Aim of the game

The world has gone completely random! You are going to become something ridiculous and must help your team mates guess what you are by describing, drawing or acting your way to victory.

What you’ll need

  • The Randomise Game
  • 4 or more players (Age 8+)
  • Watch or stopwatch
  • Pen and paper

How to play

"Split into two teams and alternate taking turns. When it is your turn, you must declare whether you are going for an EASY or HARD challenge, and whether you are going to DESCRIBE, ACT or DRAW your way to victory.
Then select a card from each of the three piles of cards (A, B and C). The opposing team will then give you three random numbers from 1 to 3 (eg. ‘3,1,2’).
Look at the words on the cards that match these numbers to discover your new identity. Card A will always describe you (eg. Happy, Hairy, Vain), card B will tell you what you are (eg. Octopus, Astronaut, Lion) and card C will tell you what you are doing (eg. Eating spaghetti, Playing football, Baking a cake)."

When you are ready, the opposing team will get ready to time your turn, and you will have 30, 60 or 90 seconds to reveal yourself:
  • DESCRIBE – You have 30 seconds to use your voice to communicate your identity. You can’t say any of the words on your cards or use rhyming words or letters to give clues.
  • ACT – You have 60 seconds to use your body to communicate your identity. You can’t make any noises, point or use any props.
  • DRAW – You have 90 seconds to use your artistic skills to communicate the phrase. You can’t draw any letters or numbers.
Your team can shout out as many guesses as they like. The aim is to get them to shout out your complete identity before your time is up. Scoring works as follows:
  • ALL LEVELS – You get 1 point for every card your team successfully guesses (max 3 per turn)
  • EASY turns – You get 1 bonus point if your team shouts out your full identity before your turn is up – eg. ‘Nervous mole eating spaghetti’
  • HARD turns – You get 3 bonus points if your team shouts out your full identity.

Stealing bonus points

If your team doesn’t shout out your full identity before the time is up, the opposing team has a chance to steal the bonus points. They can confer, and then have one guess at your full identity. If correct, they steal the bonus points (1 or 3 depending on difficulty level).

Winning the game

The first team to reach 30 points claims victory! But if this team started, then the opposing team will have one turn to equalise/steal the victory. In the case of a draw, you can play sudden death, awarding victory as soon as one team takes the lead after both teams have taken a turn.
With more than a million different random identity combinations possible, every game is different! And once you’ve got the hang of the game, there are plenty of alternative gameplays for you to try…

How we got on

Having my cousin Alex back from Canada for a little while seemed like the perfect opportunity to play this game!
I'd gone through the rules with Noah and he was really eager to play.

We split into teams
Alex & Noah
My dad & Isla
Kelly & myself and the littles just ran around thinking they were playing!

We all decided to just stick to acting and describing the words  as we thought it would be funnier.
If the littles were in bed we'd probably have done a bit of drawing too.
If the pens and paper came out when they were around it wouldn't have ended well!

We haven't laughed so much in ages, we  all really into it and had great fun acting out all the random things.
It was lovely to have such a fun family game with Alex before he flew back to Canada for the next god knows how long!

Something we'll all remember for a long time.

If you like charades, pictionary or articulate then you really should give Randomise a whirl.

It will leave you in stitches! 

The only bad point I'll give it, is the price.
For just a pack of cards I think £9.99 is a little steep. Not something I would jump at
if looking for a game to play with the family.
If it came with extras that helped play the game, such as a timer, notepad to use when drawing.

I don't want to leave it on a bad note so ill end with a positive - I really enjoyed playing Randomise, and look forward to playing it again.

If you fancy a fun night in with the family you can buy it from Amazon 



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