Wednesday 16 March 2016

Review || Treaclemoon Gentle Powder Love

If Cuddles had a smell, this would be it!

"....The Scent led her to a gentle place....a dreamy carousel ride on painted marshmallows and rainbow coloured elephants. Life was cute!"

Having a bath in Gentle Powder life sure was cute!
I adore bath time especially when you can float away into a state of pure relaxation and I really think smells help with that.
Smells trigger memories and happy memories help you de-stress and unwind

When picking bath products for myself I'm always drawn to the more "girly" products, I'm like a magpie.
If I was to see a black bottle with a boring name on it I would keep on walking!
If something pink grabs my eye I'm straight in there having a sniff!

and even an eye catching name will draw me in!

Gentle Powder Love did just that!
I'm a big fan of treaclemoon and love pretty much all of their products! I hadn't seen Gentle Powder Love in shops, so when asked what id like to review I instantly knew that was the one!

Like all of their other products, it didn't disappoint!

The scent is amazing and sure to stay on the skin long after you've left the bath/shower.
It gave me a mountain of bubbles in the bath and left me feeling smooth and gorgeous after a shower!
It left me feeling clean all day long.

For a product that only costs £2.99 for 500ml you sure are getting your moneys worth and much more!

You can find treaclemoon in most Tesco stores!

** I was sent the product for free in return for an honest review, all thoughts are my own!

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