Monday 21 March 2016

Wish List || Ru-Bear Is Turning Two

So my little Ru-Bear is turning two next month!!

All feels a little too crazy, as it only feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with him!

I enjoyed doing my Birthday wish list so much I decided I would do it for the boys birthdays too.
Ru's is the first birthday of the year, so here's his....

I'm planning to buy this kitchen from Asda for him, as he's shown an interesting in pretend play, specially when it comes to making cups of tea.
So hopefully this should be perfect. Along with the kitchen you can buy matching bits such as the plate set and tea set!

Ru is a big fan of finding spaces to hide away in, usually its in a cardboard box, so when I saw this paperpod rocket I instantly thought of him, he'd love it! I'm also in love with this Teepee from Wildfire Teepee  , you can get both of these from

Whilst browsing one of my favourite online shops - I came across these lovely bunch of goodies! 

I love this Animal tea party set as its much more colourful and fun compared to the Asda one, and Ru is very into his animals at the moment.
For the same reason as the tea set these animal nesting dolls set would be a hit with him too.
Great for small hands to hold and will make a great addition to a child's bedroom!

The gorgeous Little Nulle soft toy from Luckyboysunday is just too cute not to want!
There is currently a 20% discount off all Luckyboysunday items valid until the end of March when you apply - 
At the checkout!

Bear bedding - Cot sized for my little bear cub just seems obvious ....No?

Ru is a bit low on Pyjamas that actually fit him.
He's currently making his Pyjamas from his 1st birthday last (I've actually had to cut the toys of his Babygro's to make them last - trying to be nifty but ending up more trampy!)

These from Next would fit the bill nicely.
Next Pyjamas always last us and always look good as new after a few thousand washes!

Last but not least, you can't have a gift guide with out a few good books!

We love books and always enjoying buying new ones!
Ru is loving bedtime stories at the moment and we've read all the books in his room, so new books is a must!

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