Thursday 17 March 2016

Review || BLOKPOD

Living in a house over run with small little men I made myself, we have a mountain of Lego hidden away in a dozen or so boxes stashed all around the house! 

One of my hates, is that when playing with Lego its near impossible to find the brick you really want with out emptying the whole box all over the floor making a mess that no one really wants to tidy up as it will result in you stepping on one of the deadly little things!

With the Blokpod that is no longer the case.

The blokpod will sort all the bricks into separate parts so that when looking for say a tiny brick, you can head straight to the bottom compartment and hey voilĂ  there it is.
No more mess, no more agro!

To sort your Lego / or any other building bricks you may have floating around your house, all you have to do is pour it into the top and then shake the blokpod from side to side and all the bricks will sort themselves out, thanks to the different sized grids separating the different compartments!

Blokpod is an all in one product.
There are no extra parts to buy or parts to replace

Blokpod offers much more space compared to other storage solutions and can hold considerably more bricks.

Blokpod sorts bricks of all sizes and brands.

Blokpod is crafted from durable plastic to withstand the most aggressive enthusiast.

Blokpod is adaptive with more add ons being released all the time for your existing unit.

Blokpod comes with a money back guarantee and an industry leading 15 year WARRANTY

Blokpod has a simple twist top.

Blokpod cleans up in an instant

Noah loved sorting his Lego out, and I have to say I think I enjoyed it a little too much, I can see our Lego building days becoming much more easier, now that everything is sorted into size order and that we can just take the blokpod apart rather than throwing it all over the floor.
 Tidying away will be seen as a game rather than a chore!

We filled the blokpod with two of Noah's filled to the rim Lego boxes and as you can see there is still lots more room to add even more bricks too.
His room is now a little less cluttered looking and his Lego is nicely displaced in his new funky blokpod.

So its really worth its weight in gold!

If like us you are a Lego loving family, this is a must buy!
It would also make a great gift for the Lego crazed family member that has too much Lego to know what to do with.

Why this storage solution wasn't thought of a long time ago is beyond me!

You can order from Amazon for £44.99

To get a 20% discount code all you need to do is pop over to and subscribe!!

**I was sent the product for free, in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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