Monday 14 November 2016

A Project For The New House

We move to our new house very soon and we have been discussing what we'd like to buy new and what we could do with some of our excising furniture.
We need an extra sofa and seat for the family area, as well as new beds for the twins.
As at the moment they are still topping and tailing and they are running out of room.
Which is resulting in disrupted sleep!

Our thinking is, if we get them two normal beds they can be pushed together to make a double.
Then when they feel they no longer need to be right next to each other we can push them apart and give them their own space.

Another thing we were thinking of buying new was a dining table.
But I love our one so much that I don't think I can see myself parting with it.
It was my mums before she got a new one and I grew up eating at it so it has a lot of history dented into it.

We've decided to give it a bit of TLC,
 we are going to replace the chairs with funky new colourful ones.
Such as the ones below.
We are going to have a different colour for each person.

As for the table its self it will need sanding right down and be treated to a bit of a facelift.

I'm planning on giving the legs a lick of paint either in a super white or a with a bit of a white wash and for the table top I'm thinking of using a honey varnish to coat it with.
I like the oak and with a new varnish I think it will look as good as new.

My coffee table and the paint samples I used.

I painted my coffee table with Farrow and Ball paint and I was really impressed with the out come so I'll probably use paint by them again.

Jon being Mr Health and Safety has recommending I hunt out some safety gear,
such as  a respirator from Engelbert Strauss, , gloves, etc.
Face masks are rather useful when sanding down wood as it stops you inhaling wood chips!
Something that doesn't sound to enjoyable!

Have you recently taken on any DIY projects?
If so what safety gear did you use?

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