Thursday 10 November 2016

In The Kitchen // Mini Beast Chicken

One of the boys favourite dinners at the moment is my Mini Beast Chicken.
It's basically Spanish chicken.
They absolutely love it, even Ru will have a taste and tell me its yummy!

It also takes next to no time at all making it, which makes it perfect for a speedy after school dinner!
It's cheap and its a one pot dinner, which I love as its less to tidy up afterwards.

Chicken Thighs,
Coconut oil {you can use vegetable oil if preferred.}
Baby sweet peppers,
Paella rice,
Chicken Stock Cube.

Cut up the peppers and chorizo and leave to one side.
Place a Chicken Stock cube in a jar and add a pint of boiling water,
Cut the chicken into bits and place in the pot.
Brown off all the chicken before adding the chorizo and peppers.
After you've added the chorizo and peppers scatter the rice over and mix together,
Then add your chicken stock, leave to bubble away and then turn down to a simmer.
Stir every now and then, once all the stock has gone you are ready to serve.

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