Monday 3 April 2017

The Last Two Weeks // Solo Parenting // Mother's Day // Family

The last two weeks Jon has been in London learning about the new device that is going to be fitted into his spine to help him deal with his pain.

He's had to do lots of therapy around how he already deals with his pain and be taught other ways which are better.
Once this week is over he'll then be waiting to hear when his trail will be going ahead.
Fingers crossed by the end of this year, he will be well on his way to be able to deal with his back pain and be able to live again and enjoy his boys.

Last week he was doing so well but then his biggest fear happened and he was right across the road from the awful terror attack that happened and he pretty much went into shut down mode.
As the victims were all brought in the hospital right in front of his very eyes, he's found that hard to deal. He was then escorted back to his accommodation by an armed police escort.

He's always hated me going up to London with the boys incase something like that happened and we've always told him not to be so silly, thats highly unlikely to happen.

This is going to take a long time for him to get over but I'm hoping he will talk to a professional about it, as otherwise he will just keep it in and it will fester inside him making it 100x worse.

He came home at the weekend, and tried to enjoy the boys but it was plain for all to see he was reliving the terror and spent most of the weekend hiding away in the bedroom.

My parents and Gran came up for the weekend and we went to Snettisham Park Farm to go on the Deer Safari. 
We persuaded Jon to come along and he was a bit hesitant to start with but in the end rather enjoy seeing the boys have fun.

We met some lovely animals and all the boys really enjoyed feeding the Deers on the safari.

Sunday was Mother's Day and my mum got busy in the kitchen cooking up a beautiful dinner with the help of the boys.

I was given some lovely hand made goodies from all the boys, along with my very cool Maker of Boys t-shirt.

Noah decided he didn't want Daddy to miss out on the fun of Mother's Day, so wrote my card to the both of us!

My parents went back after the Sunday Roast and Jon left early Monday morning.
My Gran stayed on to keep me company and then just before the school run Jenny arrived.

The second week with Jon being away was a lot easier as I had two helpers around.
We did lots of shopping and drank lots of coffee.
Rupert had chicken pox so wasn't at coffee, but Nana and Gramps came over to babysit so we could go shopping child free.

Jenny and my Gran left after the school run on Wednesday and I spent the day cleaning up ready for Jon's return on the Thursday.

He came home with lots of exciting news and seemed like he had a spring in his step.

The operation that he's now waiting for may happen within the next month, so by summer time he should be ready to start a fresh with next to no pain at all!

Now its the half term, we have lots of plans.
Mostly to enjoy the garden and no to stress out, but next week we have a fun day out planned thanks to Great Anglia railways!

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