Tuesday 22 September 2015

A mini Zara Kids clothing Haul.

I've never bought clothing for the boys from Zara before but I thought I'd give it ago.
I normally get their stuff from Next but sometimes that can get a bit too expensive.

From first impressions I was impressed.
Next usually just stuff all the clothing inside a plastic bag and ship it out.
It looks like someone has actually put some care and effort into this packing.
Something like you get from online boutiques. 

I did this haul for Rupert but I'm definitely going to be going back online and ordering more for the rest of the boys.

I ordered two tops from their 'basic' range. When I think of a basic range I normally think plain and a bit boring, these tops are far from that.
Also at only £2.99 they are a great bargain! 
And they're organic cotton too!!

I then got two pairs of leggings at just £6.99 each.
One with printed knee patches and the other with a geometric print.

On the waste band they each have a funky little label. 
I do really love the little touches when it comes to clothes. So these may only be small things but it's a big win for me. 

Last but not least, this very funky monster hat. 
At £6.99
It's Stupidly perfect for my little terror! 

This whole haul cost £30.90 which is including postage.

I did the order yesterday morning and it turned up this afternoon.

Zara you have been put into my good books, and I'm slapping myself to why I have never bought from you before! 
Please forgive me! 

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