Wednesday 16 September 2015

AA skincare collection - Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion •Review •

I love love love love looooooove this lotion!!!

I haven't had a good face lotion in a long time! 

I used to use them religiously then I became a bit lazy and my skin suffered, becoming dry and spotty on occasion.

I recently gave myself a kick up the bum and started looking for a lotion that would magically transform my face and I was having no such luck finding one!
Then I was sent AA Skincare - Lavender & Tea Tree lotion to try out!

Lavender and Tea Tree are two of my favourite essential oils so I was more than excited about trying it out.

     ** Lavender essential oil helps  sooth, calm and balance skin. Tea Tree essential oil helps clear and refresh.  Rosehip Oil helps rejuvenate skin as well as Sunflower oil - high in Vitamin E to help lock in moisture, keeping skin feeling soft. **

It is very light and sinks into your skin straight away with out the leaving heavy feeling some lotions can give. 

It smells lush and it leaves your face feeling silky smooth! 
I have been using it twice a day and my skin seems to have its glow back and whatever spots I did have, have gone!

'Naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal, making it perfect for acne prone skin, spots, blemishes and other abrasions and can help skin heal.'

It's in a great size bottle that will last for a while and at only £5.56 you really are getting a lot for your money! 

I will defiantly be buying more once I run out!! 

About AA Skincare :

They have many years experience in aromatherapy and natural skincare, creating naturally effective products to give your skin a treat without costing the earth.

The AA Skincare range combines essentials oils with classic natural ingredients such as Frankincense & Rose, Almond & Sandalwood and Seaweed & Aloe to create fantastic products! 

Why not check out the rest of the AA skincare range over on their website::

AA Skincare have given me a special 20% discount code for you very lucky people!!!


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