Sunday 6 September 2015

A typical Sunday in the Mini Beast house!

Sunday's are usually are chill out day before we embark on another chaotic week. Unless we have been invited for lunch with our parents, then we will head off to theirs for the day. 

We always get up early, as the boys have yet to understand the joys of a lay in!

This morning Ru woke at half 5 due to his nappy leaking a ridiculous amount and soaking him, his sleepsuit, Grobag and cot sheet. 
I changed him and tried to take him back to bed with me but he was having none of it, so off we went downstairs. 

Coffee was definitely needed!!

Once everyone is up I'll do breakfast and on Sunday's I do either pancakes and fruit or scrambled eggs, beans and sausages for them! 
I will then have my bowl of coffee! 

We normally have a Sunday morning walk along the beach to allow the boys to run wild so they do have too much pent up craziness. 

Usually once home I will make sure Noah's  homework is all completed, then the boys will pick a film and chill out to that whilst i crack  on with the house work and get the remaining washing done!
I'll usually do two loads a day but on a Sunday it's around four, as I do the sheets and towels as well as any laundry that's in the baskets. 

By the time I've finished that it's lunch time and if Jon isn't doing a roast it's just normal lunchy things. 

After lunch I'll get the boys to do an activity such as Lego, puzzles, drawing or something crafty. Just to keep their brains ticking over and not turn into TV zombies. 
I'll also treat myself to another coffee and maybe a bit of cake.... There is always cake in this house! 

By now the boys are becoming a bit restless so it's back to the beach! Our garden is out of a action at the moment as Jon is having work done to get some sort of car port made so he can bring over his Beloved Renult 5 turbo from his parents garage.

Then it will be dinner time and Jon is our cook now ... He's taken on the roll as he's home and it just makes sense if he can do it as it clears something from my long to do list! (he's signed off sick due to re hurting his back at work and is now awaiting spinal injections to help deal with the pain in hope he doesn't need more surgery!) 
Jon is also doing Slimming World so something's he can have and because of this it's easier if he dies cook as he knows what he can and can't have!
At one of his last meetings he got a family budget cook book and he has been working his way through it. 
So every night we are trying something new and the boys are loving it! 
Shopping is a lot cheaper just buying the ingredients for one meal rather than two.

After dinner it's bath, calm down time, story and bed for all the boys! 
The boys are usually all asleep by 8! 
I'll read to the twins first at 7 then head upstairs with Ru to give him his bottle then settle him down in his cot then head back down to read with Noah.
I will then make sure every thing is ready for Monday morning such as school bags,nursery bags and clothes all set to go! 
Then it is bathtime for mummy!
Nothing makes a better bath than a lush bathbomb.

I have a crazy amount of love for lush!!
Not only are all their products gorgeously lush smelling, they're against testing on animals!!! 
Which is a big deal breakers for me. 

Sunday usually ends just like most nights with me and Jon snuggling up watching TV, him with a bowl of fruit and yogurt and me with a big bar of chocolatey goodness.

How does your Typical Sunday go? 

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