Tuesday 1 September 2015

Back to school with the Mini Beasts!

I thought I would share with you how we prepare for going back to school in the Mini Beast house.

Uniform - I don't like to buy this too early as I know if I do Noah will have a growth spurt and not fit into it come September, so I usually go out and buy it two weeks before the new term. Leaving it to the last minute can be far too stressful!
Before going out make sure you get your child to try on old uniform and shoes, as you may be able to save some penny's if it still fits nicely.

Once everything is bought, wash it straight away and iron then pop into the wardrobe ready for the first day back. Last thing you need is to stress the night before about washing and ironing everything. You want the last evening to be as stress free as possible!! 

Labelling uniform - Once you have the new uniform it's worth labelling it all up, as you know once it goes in through those school gates it will magically disappear and be gone forever. 

These fantastic MY NAMETAGS stickers can be ordered online, in a range of cool designs and fonts. 
I got Noah to help design his own sticker labels with a hope that he may take some pride in his uniform and not lose It on the first day! 

They easily just stick on to the clothings own label and stand out much better than a biro! 

Because they just stick on they can be used on school bags, shoes, plimsoles, pencils cases, lunch boxes, P.E bags.  You should never lose an item again!!!  

Definitely worth buying, for a sheet of 56 colour name tags its £11.95 + £1.00 postage!! Much cheaper than having to replace lost uniform! 

Routine - getting back into the school routine is not only good for the kids but it's also good for you!
We start about a week before the new term starts so we can all adjust to beimh up and running by 6am!
If we don't get used to being back in the normal routine you can bet we'll be late for the first day back. 

Outstanding homework - making sure any homework projects are completed and everything is packed away in the school bags ready to take back into school.

Lunch money / packed lunches - deciding wether you are going the school dinners or packed lunch routine. Reception to Yr 2 get school dinners for free which is great and takes the worry out of making sure you budget for lunches! 
If you are going the school dinner route and you have to pay (like us) set aside the first weeks or months money (whenever you have it, I like to have it put away from the start of the holidays!) we pay ours online as that's what the school prefers but some schools still take in the cash. So do whatever your school suggests.

If you are going with packed lunches, try a prepare a lunch meal plan so that they are getting something different everyday, as the same jam sarnie day in day out can get rather boring! 

Stationery supplies - not all year groups need to supply their own stationery, but usually if they do the school will send home a check list of everything they need for the new term. 

Going back to school can be expensive but if you're prepared and set aside money over the holidays or even in the lead up to the holidays it shouldn't be so stressful! 

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