Saturday 5 September 2015

Shouty kid 3 - How Harry Riddles got nearly Almost Famous • book review •

This book was extremely fun to read!
Set in email, text and gaming conversations between Harry and his friends.....and even some famous people!

He joins a band and is entering his schools battle of the band competition but then his dad then decides that he wants the whole family to sail around the world!!!!
The books follows him dealing with the lead guitarist who is a bit of a bad boy and trying to get the band gigs before the big battle of the bands competition and his dad's new idea of buying a boat and sailing around the world!!!

Noah loved this book and in this review I'll be interviewing him and asking him what he liked about the book! 

So Noah did you enjoy ShoutyKid? 

Because it was funny

What was your favourite part of the book?
When his granny got chucked out of Aqualand.

What did you like most about Harry? 
I liked that he liked zombies, just like me! 

Would you read more ShoutyKid books?
Yes yes yes! 

Would you tell your friends to read ShoutyKid? 

You can buy ShoutyKid 3 from Amazon for £6.29!

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