Saturday 17 October 2015


Ru has just come out the other side of his weanage years, but occasionally will still show the signs!!!!

What's a "Weanager" you ask???

We’ve all heard about the terrible twos, not to mention the testing teenage years, but what about the weanage months? That’s right, weanagers. Kids’ food brand, Ella’s Kitchen® has pinpointed a significant period in a little one’s life, during weaning, when they are likely to display some distinctive ‘weanage’ characteristics.


But how do you identify a weanager? To help mums and dads recognise this all important stage in their little one’s development, Ella’s Kitchen has partnered with parenting expert, Sarah Ockwell-Smith, to identify ten sure-fire signs your child is a fully-fledged weanager:


1. Your baby won’t let you leave them, ever

2. Your baby ends up wearing more food than they eat

3. Your baby loves to empty stuff

4. Your baby puts EVERYTHING in their mouth

5. Your baby does a great impression of you

6. Your baby becomes a big fan of dropping things

7. Your baby will have a favourite food one week, then go off it the next

8. Your baby enjoys testing out their new pincer grip, even on you

9. Your baby starts spontaneously waving hello or goodbye

10. Your baby makes their mark on the house


Sarah Ockwell-Smith, parenting expert, comments: “The weanage months, from six to twelve months, are a constant series of firsts, exploration and wonder for both the baby and parent - from first foods and first teeth, to first steps and first words. Commonly glossed over in favour of the cute new-born phase and the challenges of 'the terrible twos', it's time this period of development got the recognition it rightly deserves”.


Celebrating weanagers all over the country, Ella’s Kitchen is launching a NEW fly on the wall documentary series, ‘Britain’s Weanagers’. Exploring the exciting and, at times, hilarious weaning journeys of babies, the series stars four families who have all featured in the popular Channel 4 TV programme, One Born Every Minute.


Mark Cuddigan, Head of Ella’s Kitchen, adds: “At Ella’s we are passionate about helping little ones develop healthy relationships with food and that really starts with the very first tastes. Weaning is a really exciting milestone for little ones and their parents. We created the ‘Britain’s Weanagers’ series to give mums + dads who are about to start weaning a fun insight into what to expect. It really brings to life our view at Ella’s Kitchen that every baby is different and that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to weaning. We think the series perfectly captures the reality of weaning in a very charming, yet honest way and hope that we’re able to bring a smile to parents watching it.”


The docuseries will be hosted on Ella’s Kitchen’s YouTube Weaning Channel, which launched earlier this year. To view the first episode, which launched on 14 October 2015, search ‘Ella’s Kitchen weaning’ on YouTube.

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