Friday 9 October 2015

Aliens Love Dinopants • Book Review •

Aliens Love Dinopants is the new instalment in the Underpants series.

Written by Claire Freedman - who is the highly successful author of several picture books including Aliens Love Underpants and Oliver and Patch.

Illustrated by Ben Cort - whose picture books have been published in 18 languages in 20 countries worldwide.

Aliens Love Dinopants is the 8th collaboration from bestselling and award winning duo. 

Their books together (Aliens Love Underpants, Dinosaurs Love Underpants, Aliens in Underpants save the World, Aliens Love Panta Claus, Monsteraururs, Pirates Love Underpants, Monsters Love Underpants) have sold over 3 million copies and are published in 21 languages. 

The pant loving Aliens crash land in the jungle and their pant detector goes crazy!
Surely there can't be pants in the jungle?!?

Not just pants, but BIG pants belonging too ......

Dinos were the last thing they expected to find.... Not just any old dinosaurs, but pant loving dinosaurs! 
Dinosaurs who would put up a good fight to protect their beloved big panties!!!

The twins absolutely loved this book! 
They always have a good giggle when seeing the little aliens in their pants and with the added bonus of Dinos in this story it was sure to be a big hit with them.

They loved the bright fun illustration, and after we finished reading they went back and looked at the pictures, picking out their favourite alien and dino. 

I think this may be my new favourite story out of all the Aliens Love Pants series. 
After reading it to the twins, Noah wanted to have a read and he gave it two thumbs up!!!

I can see this becoming the new favoured bedtime book.

You can buy it for yourself from 

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