Sunday 25 October 2015

Divine Chocolate

Divine is the only Fairtrade chocolate company which is 44% owned by cocoa farmers!!!

 Not only is this deliciously smooth, silky chocolate absolutely amazing, it's has the feel good factor too it!
It is a Fairtrade company of which 44% is owned by the cocoa farmers that farm the cocoa beans! 

While Fairtrade ensures farmers receive a better deal for their cocoa and additional income to invest in their community, company ownership gives farmers a share of Divine’s profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry.

I was very kindly sent some samples for the boys and myself to try out. I was lucky to receive them as I was out when the delivery turned up so a neighbour across the way took them in and mistakenly opened the box thinking it was for him, when I popped over to collect the parcel he told me he was very jealous and that it was such a great delivery and he wanted to keep it!

For all that know me, know that I'm a complete chocolate fiend and survive on the brown stuff they also know that 'Hannah doesn't share!'

So luckily for the boys I'm trying to reduce my sugar intake which meant the boys were in for a treat.
We had a great selection of bars to pick from and Noah's all time favourite was the ...... Hot Chocolate! 

Noah describes the Divine Hot Chocolate as ' the best hot choccy I've ever ever ever eveeeeeer had!'

The twins aren't too keen on Hot Chocolate so they passed on the cup of liquid heaven!

The caramel bars were my favourite and I was pretty gutted to share them between the boys and my friend Jenny! I could have gobbled them both up in 5 seconds flat (I should be ashamed of my chocolate eating skills, but I'm really really not!)
They were perfect, not too sickly like some other caramel bars you can get.

Jon's favourite was the chocolate orange bar, he ate that all to himself with out telling me he had cracked it open!

The boys all loved all the bars and were happy to try all of them, I thought they might turn their noses  up at the white chocolate and strawberry bar but they ate more of that than myself and Jon!

I've never bought Divine Chocolate before, I've always seen it when I'm browsing the chocolate isle but never have I reached for it!
That has changed when I'm shopping for chocolate its the only brand I'm now reaching for!

A little bit about the Divine story .....

Divine Chocolate Limited is a private company limited by shares. When the company was first established in 1998, its 99 ordinary shares were owned by three parties; 52% by the Fairtrade NGO Twin Trading, 33% by Kuapa Kokoo farmers’ co-operative, and 14% by the international retailer Body Shop International.

Cocoa from Ghana is of a high quality and trades at a premium on the world market.   Kuapa Kokoo's motto is pa pa paa - which means the best of the best in the local Twi language. Kuapa's premium quality cocoa is now sold to chocolate companies around the world.

Divine Fairtrade milk chocolate, made from Kuapa's best of the best fairly traded cocoa beans was launched in October 1998 and by Christmas 1998, had made it onto the supermarket shelves . .

The Divine board meets four times per year and one of those meetings is held in Ghana.

Over on the Divine Chocolate website, they have a section of scrummy recipes that you can make with their chocolate if they don't make your mouth water then there is something seriously wrong with you!

You can read more about the Divine story here - divine-story
You can buy some bars for yourself here -
To find out all the good stuff click here -

If you haven't tried Divine Chocolate yet, I order you to go out and treat yourself to a bar .....NOW!!!! 

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